Install Theme

The Adoration

                                Telescope view, I see a star

                        That’s you in the making, I see how far

                    You’ll get if you make it, you’ll play your part

                       There’s an adoration catching its breath

                             An admiration, that’s never left

                               My imagination’s been vexed

               A seed was planted and blossomed a beautiful friendship

                    A lot of beautiful lies, a lot of beautiful mistakes

                      A lot I had to say, you were willing to hear it

                Then you’d put my hearts cries into beautiful lyrics

                            Rear view riding, the paths unwinding

                           I see now everything we’ve been hiding.

                                    Uncertainty and obscurity 

                        Was always hurting me and subduing me

   See you and me were never meant to be and therefore we lacked us

           And the moments that we did share they always just happened.

                I knew you for a minute, but I’ll cherish that time for life

               Until your # changes, I check up to see if you’re alright.

                   What you never had, they ask how can you miss?

                   To which I don’t respond, I just give them this

                        The desire in my heart my passions abyss.

                      If you don’t touch there’s nothing broken to fix.

                       So I don’t dare touch, nor rush, nor stress it.

                       I just take my time, that time I don’t press it.

                   If 1 out of five minutes, I’m busy counting losses,
              That’s 5 out of five minutes I’m busy counting blessings.

                                Losses are lessons in disguise.

                             We figure that out we figure out why

                   Thus I was left with admiration that’s never died

                         Telescope view, I see a constellation

                       You and I align and form- The adoration.